-BMX Cruiser
BMX Cruiser: About
This one of my first I had previous welding experience, just little things would come up every once in awhile that needed fixing.

I had a BMX bike I rode around just about everyday. But my BMX days were over, I needed something a little more practical to get around town with. I figured making a BMX cruiser would be the perfect project.

I had a friend with a bike that I liked. I got some basic measurements from that bike, then changed them a little to make mine a little unique. I bought some metal, then I set off to start building...

The Construction Of...

Once the welds are cleaned up, add a couple layers of primer, followed by some layers of paint, put on the parts, inflate tires, adjust brakes...

Dropout pattern & actual dropout Finished frame in the raw
Complete bike, parts and all

... and before you know it, there is a complete bike..