-Rear-Steer Bike
About The Rear-Steerer Bike

Almost a year or so after building my first regular bike, I felt like making something a little bit different. One day an idea popped into my head for making a rear-wheel steering bicycle.

-The frame is from scrap pipe that was laying around.
-The wheels, tires, gears, cranks, headset, and chain were parted from an old (free) dumpster bike.

-The "steering shaft" is made from a piece of exhaust pipe tubing, welded to the bottom of a headset stem.

-The fork in the rear (and small tire) are from a thriftstore childrens bicycle. It was cut in half at the stem, where I added in square tubing for the steering cable to connect to.

-I used plastic pulleys, attached to the frame for the steering cable to run thru.

-The seat frame was made from steel tubing, and the seat itself was cut from 3/8" plywood. I was originally going to cover the wood with cushioning and fabric. But I never got around to it.

Some problems I have encountered:
If there is ever a day I decide to build another one of these contraptions, their are a couple of things I would do differently.

So if you ever plan on making something like this, keep these things in mind.

Video of Contraption in Action