-Compost Barrel
The Concept
Created: July 3, 2009
Edited: June 03, 2011

Composting is an easy and effective method of turnig waste such as kitchen scraps, leaves and lawn clippings into a healthy nutrient-rich soil for gardening and plants. A compost tumbler is the stomach of the compost digestion system, it allows the contents that are added into it to undergo a natural (and excelerated) decompostion process. The barrel will aerate and mix the compost so that the bacteria reach the new stuff quickly. This version of a composter I have built is a barrel that pivots on a horizontal axle, and is as simple as giving it a few turns everytime new waste is thrown in.

The handle used to turn the compost barrel The back-end Pole going through barrel

This particular (50 gallon) barrel was bought used from a local company for $15. Plastic barrels of this size are often used various reasons and are known to contain many different types of substances. In this particular instance, mine originally contained oil for machinery parts, but this is nothing to worry about tbe inside of the barrel was easily cleaned out with detergent (I recommend Oxi-Clean) and plenty of hot water. However if you are lucky and can come across a barrel that once contained food related items, it won't require an cleaning because it already contains perfect compost munchables.

I originally put a horizontal brace across the front (like I did in the back) but then I realized that if I leave the front breace off I would be able to roll a wheel barrow underneath the the barrel and easily dump out the contents. Without the front brace the legs CAN seem a bit wobbly when the barrel is really full, but it is not a cause for concern.

The lag bolts inserted into barrel Lag bolts inside barrel Completed Unit