- Push-Button Ignition
Jeep Push-Button Ignition Switch

I added a push button and a switch to replace the standard key ignition. The original key ignition has lost most of its functionality. The lock doesnt work, it has gotten VERY hard to turn, and it doesn't even need a key to start anymore. Instead of replacing the original unit, I thought it would be fun to have a button start-up the Jeep.

The wires required to do this are located on top of the steering column. You will need to remove sections of the dash. It is not neccessary, but if you want even more working space, remove the four bolts holding the steering column in place. Doing this will allow it to drop down another ~4".
Their are 4 important wire colors you need to know:
Red: Constant 12v
Green: Ignition
Yellow: Starter
Purple: Acc.
(Note: These are for a '92 Wrangler YJ, colors my change by model/year)

*A reader submitted to me that the wire colors in his YJ were different than listed above. They were as follows:
Green: Starter
Yellow: Fuel Pump/Acc.
Orange: Heater

The first decision to make was where to put the new ignition button. It wanted it to be someplace easy to reach, yet out of the way to avoid accidental pushing. I found the ideal spot to be next to the rear window wiper switch (for those who have hardtops, otherwise it is a completely blank area). This spot has plenty of extra room, and it close to the wires we need to work with. When the plastic dash pieces around it are removed this little section is easy to get out.

I did the measurements, then drilled my holes where needed. I spliced into the existing wires with crimpable connectors, and 16ga wire. The rocker switch, when on, provides power to the push button and also the accessories. The rocker switch lights up when power is applied.

And of course, you dont have to do it exactly the way I did. As long as you know the wires you can make any configuration of switches/buttons you like.
Backside of plate with the new switches   New wires connected to existing wires    Wires connected to switches    Installed into dash    Installed into dash    Basic wiring schematic of what I did

See The Button in Action!

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