-Oilpan Skid Plate
Oilpan Skidplate: The Build Of

One day I noticed the oil pan had a big dent in the front of it. I don't how I never noticed it, but I am pretty sure I am not the one that put it there...So I took it off and was going to knock the dent out, that was when I decided to build a skid plate for it. I figured if the oil pan got beat up pretty good once it could happen again, and that next time it might not be able to drive away. I couldn't decide if I wanted build the skidplate so that it was attached with bolts, or if I wanted to weld it directly to the oilpan itself. I talked myself out of welding it, mainly becasue the oilpan is made from such thin metal. It just did not seem like a smart idea. If I went with bolts their were not any really good places to bolt it nearby unless I built some extravagent and cumbersome brackets. So what did I do? I decided to glue it! I remembered in the past seeing skidplates that could be glued on. I know that doesnt seem right, but believe me, when my skidplate dried into place it was stuck. Nothing is taking that thing off!

After removing the oil pan from the vehicle, I took it to a nearby auto mechanic to give it a chemical bath for an hour to get it nice and clean and remove the years of sludge that have accumulated on the bottom. I knocked the dent out with a mallet, and a 2x4 to get the hard to reach corners. Next I cut my piece of steel so that it was just wider than the pan, and a little bit longer to fold over the back. I had to cut out a notch for the drain plug, as it was a different height than the rest of the pan. When the plate was how I wanted it, I coated it and the oilpan with a few layers of primer.

The glue I used was a tube of high quality silicon 50yr. The kind that you apply with a caulk gun, and I used almost the entire tube. I put a thick bead of glue around the perimeter of the oil pan, then filled in the rest of the area. I did the same to the skid plate. It is not pictured, but after applying the glue I spread it evenly over the surface to make sure it was all coated, and eliminate any chances of air bubbles. I put the skid plate onto the oil pan and pushed down really hard, if some silicon oozes out the side, just smooth it out with your finger. I put some heavy objects on it, and let it set over night. When all was done, it was time to put a few layers of black paint on.