-Jeep Hand Throttle
Jeep Hand Throttle

This is a fairly basic mod. For those who are un-familiar with what this is or what it does; Simply put, it is a cable that allows you to set your throttle speed so you can use your two feet for the clutch and brake. I am using to keep my engine at a higher RPM while winching, since the winch draws so much power from the battery. You can buy kits that have everything you need to do this. But I personally thought they were a little expensive for what they were. Basically all this is, is a derailleur (gear shift) thumb shifter for a bicycle. The reason for the derailleur shifter is that it doesn't click as it gets shifted. It will allow you to smoothly move up and down allowing for a finer adjustment of the throttle while holding the throttle at wherever you leave the shifter. I used probably about 5ft of (sheathed) bicycle brake cable. The throttle is attached at the bottom of the gear shift, I ran the cable through an existing hole that was in the firewall. I added a spring at the throttle body connection to help the cable retract.