created: sometime 2008
last updated: Apr 17, 2012
Some Friends of Mine

Gooding (band)

Motel Aviv (band)

The TurnUp Group

ABC's of Graffiti (book)

Don and Max's INCREDIBLE Art Show

DJ Spence (band)

Rally Ready Motorsports

VINCA Jewelry

Misc Websites I Like (in no particular order)

XKCD - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language

Perry Bible Fellowship - Another webcomic, my favorite

Pandora - The music genome project

Last.fm - A music recommendation system

Music-Map - A tourist map of music

Damn Interesting - Some damn interesting articles

Reddit - A community-driven news article popularity website

MetaFilter - Community weblog

AboveTopSecret - "Deny Ignorance"

Coast to Coast AM - Talk show that deals with the paranormal

Firefox - Rediscover the web

APOD - Astronomy Picture of the Day

EPOD - Earth Science Picture of the Day

NatGeo Photo - National Geographic's Photo of the Day

Instructables - World's biggest show & tell

FOUND - They collect FOUND stuff

TV Tropes - Have an extra 10 hours to kill?

Wikipedia - Who DOESN'T know about this by now?

Dead Homer Society - For all of those "Simpsons" fanatics out there such as myself that despise the newer season.

Feel Like Wasting Spending Some Money?

Something Store - For $10, they will sell you something at random

Archie McPhee - Everything strange, from nun-zilla to bacon strip band-aids

American Science & Surplus - Science, education, amusing, eclectic. Great item descriptions

Think Geek - "Stuff for smart masses"

DealXtreme - A good place to spend a couple dollars you dont know what to do with

Perpetual Kid - Unique gifts to entertain your inner child

Woot! - One Day. One Deal.

Smart Stuff

Uncrate - It is advertised as a buyers guide for men, but I think anyone could enjoy it.