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created: December 9, 2010
last updated: December 9, 2010

There is no particular reason I chose to translate the particular lyrics. I made my selections by aimlessly reading through the rap section of lyric websites and choosing ones that were from fairly popular songs and/or artists and that the lyrics themselves sort of had a story aspect to them.

50 Cent - What Up Gangsta?
They say I walk around like got an "S" on my chest
Naw, that's a semi-auto, and a vest on my chest
I try not to say nothing, the DA might want to play in court
But I'll hunt or duck a nigga down like it's sport
Front on me, I'll cut ya, gun-butt ya or bump ya
I'm not the type to get knocked for D.W.I.
I'm the type that'll kill your connect when the coke price rise
Gangstas, they bump my shit then they know me
I grew up around some niggas that's not my homies
10  Hundred G's I stash it (what?), the mack I blast it (yeah!)

It has been said that my actions are comparative to those of Superman
They seem to be mistaken, however, the bullets are stopped by kevlar and my powers come in the form of a mechanized weapon
I do not speak when it is found to be unnecessary, the things I say might find me accountable in a court room setting
Under the proper circumstances, I may hunt down a fellow man
If I am brought upon an uncomfortable situation, I can use my weapon and/or self in various ways to bring hurt upon you
I am responsible and aware of my drinking limit, and am careful to never exceed that amount so that I may maneuver my vehicle in a safe and proper manner
The drug market is varying in predictability, I would prefer however that prices do no change because it will effect all of us
I take it upon myself to be kind and courteous towards those who are in an upset mood
Moreover, as a child I was raised in environments that prepared me for similar situations
10  I have responsibly invested Hundreds of Thousands of hard earned dollars (May I ask what it was you said?), in celebration of my hard earned finances I occasionally shoot my legally registered firearm (I can attest, I am witness to this happening)

50 Cent - The Bomb (Diddy Diss)
Listen now nigga I'm not playin
Are you ready for that
I show you who they aimin at
Bang bang bang run and toss the gatt
No no no lookin back
Bitch quit playin where the paper at
Put in work nigga thats that
Automatic shotgun can ya handle that
Wanna bullshit nigga thats a fact
10  Ride through yo hood strapped

Please, do pay attention as I am really quite serious
Are you ready to receive my message?
I have important information regarding an impending attack
The assailants will attempt to assassinate me,
And they will do so without a second thought
You pestering woman, stop your hesitation and tell me the condition of our finances
You must work hard if you wish to achieve great goals
You do not want to mess with me, for I have an automatic weapon chambered in 12ga
Believe me; I do not lie about such matters
10  When I happen into your neighborhood I am always well armed

Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance
First things first, I poppa, freaks all the honies
Dummies, playboy bunnies, those wantin money
Those the ones I like cause they don't get nathan’
but penetration, unless it smells like sanitation
Heart throb, never, black and ugly as ever
However, I stay Coogi down to the socks
Rings and watch filled with rocks

As a general rule I take it upon myself to perform sexual acts on but not limited too, beautiful young ladies,
woman of lacking intellect, those that would appear in nude form for a magazine, and even prostitutes
It is the woman in the latter group, in which I prefer, as I can benefit from the sexual gratification without having to maintain a formal relationship,
that is of course unless an unpleasant odor is wafting from them in my general vicinity
I am far from being a romanticist, and my physical appearance is extremely ugly
I am able to cover up that fact by wearing my best looking attire, just ignore my average socks
When you see me it is very apparent that I wear expensive rings and watches filled with the best diamonds available.

Don’t see my ones, don’t see my guns - get it
Now tell ya friends Poppa hit it then split it
I don’t know what the hell’s stoppin’ ya
I’m clockin’ ya - Versace shades watchin’ ya
Once ya grin, I’m in game, begin
Climax that your man can’t make
Call and tell him you’ll be home real late

I present to you this fact. You can have neither my money nor my weapons
Take my advice and notify your peers that we have engaged in violent sexual acts
I am having trouble understanding why you refuse to approach me
I am gazing intensely at you through my expensive glasses.
Once I see that you have responded towards my actions with a smile, I will make my next move.
Moreover, I will be able to make you orgasm better than you current partner ever could
First, please be sure to telephone your partner and inform him that you will be returning home later than previously expected.