-Telescope Sun Filter
created: August, 31 2010
last updated: August, 31 2010

Telescope Sun Filter
I am an avid watcher of the night sky. It was not until recently however, that I finally bought myself a decent telescope to view these objects with a whole new perspective. With millions of celestial objects overhead I was able to observe every viewable star in the sky except for one, and that is the one nearest to us. Not being able to view our own Sun is like becoming friends with everyone within your town and not ever meeting or knowing anything about your neighbor next door.

My telescope already had some pre-made filters on the market that could be bought, but I would be able to save A LOT of money if I made my own. Mylar used to be the material of choice to view the Sun, but newer and greater materials have come into being. Baader foil offers a crisp, clear and high contrast view of our Sun by reducing the intensity of sunlight by 99.999%.

Materials I used:
Baader foil
Plastic planter pot (just large enough for the open end to fit over the telescope)
Scissors or some kind of cutting utensil
Stiff thin cardboard