-Treehouse #1
Treehouse #1: The Story Of
It was the summer of 2007 that I first had the idea of buildng a treehouse. I am not sure what gave me this urge. It just seemed like a fun thing to do, a good learning experience , and well, I just like being up high. The first step was finding the tree that was just right for this project. There really isn't a great selection, the tree's in this area consist of mainly cedar and oak, neither of which grow very large around here.

I figured the best spot to start looking would be the spot with the best view. I decided on a tree that overlooks the large pond. The tree doesn't have a large amount of spread, or the shape that I wanted. But it is the best choice; and the tallest around.

I had a basic knowledge of building structures. So I felt that I could indeed do this. But I figured I would be on the safe side and do a little research on the subject. I scoured the internet in search of information. One of the first sites I ran across was The Treehouse Guide. It is full of information, and also has links to many other useful webpages.

After some reading I was ready, and had a pretty good idea on what I wanted my treehouse to look like. I was fairly confident it would be possible with the tree I chose. There was only one way to find out, I had to start building...

Treehouse #1: Construction

Level 1:
Open, deck like structure 15ft above ground

Entrance into Level 1

Level 2:
The highest level, about 30ft above the ground

Solar Power:
A solar panel charges a battery for electricity

Pictures as of: April 2008

Pictures as of: November 2007