-Treehouse#1 - lvl 2
treehouse #1 level 2: the build of

To begin this level, I thought it would be best to consider a few safety issues; Considering it is about 30ft high. Building the first level I was fairly safe and well balanced on the scaffolding, but now it would be me versus nature swaying alone in the treetop. I figured the safest thing I could do would be to wear a climbing harness. I got a (like new) rock climbing harness on e-bay for a really good price. I then went to a local outdoors type store and got a couple carabiners, and some high quality climbing rope.
I had two lenghts of rope, one piece that was stationary and just long enough for me to move around the tope of the tree freely. The second was much shorter, just about two feet long, and stayed with me until I got where I was going to work, then I pretty much tied myself to the nearest limb. I couldn;t have fallen if I wanted to.

I wasn't sure how exactly I wanted this level to look, I wouldnt know until I got up there and began scoping it out. All I knew was that I was wanting at least 1.5 sheets (8'x4') plywood to fit for a base. So I began by measuring different combinations of distances between different limbs until I found the dimensions I was looking for. Before re-locating my pulleys from building the first level, I pulled up most of the wood I was going to be needing up to level 1. From this point the steps are pretty much identical to building the first level's base. The only main difference in the construction of the foundation is the "grid" design of the 2x4's.

The wood was painted with a porch and patio paint, so it is designed to withstand foot traffic.

All cross beams in place, first half of plywood floor put down    Beginning stage of platform/ladder to 2nd level
Test fitting 2nd level ladder platform Part of platform built for 2nd level ladder
Both sheets of plywood floor down    Jeep used to pull plywood up
View from 2nd level Zoomed in from ground
Started framing walls and ceiling   
Entirety Finished platform and ladder

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