This was a one of the first shorts I made while in school, the object was to create a story under 5 minutes in length, using in camera edits, and filming it without sound. The goal was to recreate the sounds oursleves, and put it back into the movie. So what you watch below is a video in which I made about 95% of the sounds and put them into the video in post.

The title for the short 'I.D.E.A.' was originally an acronym, but I forgot what it stood for. I would say the title 'IDEA' still works however, without knowing; since that is what the film is about. It is about what I went through trying to come up with an idea for a short film for class.

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Produced, Directed, Written By: Mark Morrow
Acting: Eric Marburger
Music: The Invincible Czars - A Glezele Vayn