GHOSTS?! In MY Basement?

A friend of mine recently bought/moved into a house that is very old, very large, and comes equipped with a very unsettling feeling; "But the house was such a good deal!" he says. I will admit, it WAS a very good deal, but the house needed some work done to it. Not only had it been a long time since anyone had lived in it, but whoever the previous owners were they did not take very good care of it. The house was definetly a 'fixer upper' to say the least, mainly the insides.
The house is a late 19th-century two story victorian that has an unusually small basement to house ratio, just enough room for some extra furniture, bikes, and a footlocker that was there when they moved in. My friend eventually confonted me two weeks or so after moving into this house and started telling me stories about the strange things that had started happening, especially in the basement. He and his wife feel that their are super-natural forces at work.

What my friend explained to me was that at first everything was normal, and it wasn't until they started re-decorating and re-designing the house that the strange things started happening. The phenomena started during the initial dinning room demolition phase when tools and equipment began mysteriously relocating themselves to other parts of the house, this then progressed to strange sounds at night and then seeing figures move in the corner of there eye. The movement of the so called 'black shadow' happens mainly in the basement.

Me personally I have always found the house to be a bit creepy (even before they told me of the happenings), but I tend to find large old stagnant houses unsettling to begin with. I really don't have any signifcant experiences from the times that I have visited. I did get the feeling that I was being watched a couple times, but honestly I could not bring myself to go down into the basement.
We have setup this webcam to hopefully capture any strange occurances that happen. The camera is always running, and is set to record a file when movement is detected, but please contact me if you see anything unusual at all, just be sure to take note of the day and the time when in which it occured. My friends computer records the video and holds the data for a few days before it is purged, so we are able to rewatch the video when proper times are given to me within a reasonable amount of time.

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