-High-Wheeler Bike
The High-Wheeler
Their is really not much to say about this bike. The goal was to use two previously "parted out" bikes and combine them into one rideable bike without using any extra metal or parts. I would only be using what these two bikes provided me.

-Bike #1 is a very aged mountain bike missing lots of parts and overall just very worn out. It was found next to a dumpster, so it was about to be trash anyways.
-Bike #2 is 3/4's the remains of a childrens bike. The front tire and stem are missing because they went towards the building of the Rear-Steer Bike.

The victims of this cruel experiment First section of mountain bike frame removed Eyeballing where I want things to go

Seatpost cut off of mountain bike and added to kids bike Top tube of kids bike needed bending to help line things up properly

The two frames tacked together Primer applied to all bare metal and welded spots Complete with paint and ready to ride